About us

Who we are

Harit – An Idea built on Values, an Idea discovered in search of Ethics, Principles and Integrity and the vision of an entrepreneur par excellence wanting to excel in business built on Ethics and Integrity.

Hailing from Rajasthan; the land of fine craftsmen & rich tradition of vibrant colors on the canvass of fabric, the Promoters used their originality of ideas and the skill to build the business that respects traditional values yet embraces the latest trends and is a forerunner in innovation and experimentation who introduces the fusion of designs and colors regularly.

Today, the Group is known for directly ushering life and luxury in millions of Indian homes and also overseas through their business associates.



CA Pankaj C. Mishra, second generation entrepreneur carries the legacy of more than 35 years with innovative business ideas & strategies for which the name Harit is synonymous with. One of the trusted and most revered names in the Furnishing Industry – Curtains & Upholstery Segment. The Group credits its consistent growth to its backward and forward integration comprising in-house R&D team, processing and dying house, manufacturing and distribution divisions supported by an experienced team of  marketing and sales personnel  delivering on time at pan India level. 

Product innovation is a strategy to stay ahead of the competition which remained the major contributor under the guidance of the Promoter. In house processing and manufacturing allows the Group to focus on innovation in fabric manufacturing to create unique designs, patterns with distinct feel and finish which remained the hallmark of the product range offered by the Group. The regular investment in product innovation by the in-house team of qualified and experienced designers led by the Promoters has contributed immensely to the success story of the Group. 

It remained an endeavor of the Group to create and introduce international designs with vibrant colors aligned with the latest trends.

Innovations and superior weave fabric, traditional as well as contemporary designs & colors suited to the evolving consumer taste has made its products much sought after. Today the Group has a pan India customer base with more than 1000+ wholesalers and retailers.

Our Goal

Promote quality and excellence in the upholstery industry with products that are exceptional and globally competitive.

– Explore new horizons of creativity leading to superior style & design

– Deliver inherent value based upholstery products

– Satiate customers’ craving for “Latest, Newer & Ingenious designs”

– Cater to the customers’ ever-growing demands

– Above all help create memories

Our Vision

To be an ingenious vertically integrated upholstery Company manufacturing a range of high quality diverse products. To be recognised as the finest in the industry, flexible to cater to various market segments while constantly endeavouring to deliver bespoke products.

Be a Company led by a culture of operational excellence with a highly skilled team that renders top quality service to our customers.

To be a Company to reckon with in the industry by setting higher benchmarks.


Design and fabric innovation is the hallmark of Harit’s products. The investment of the promoters in designs and innovation of fabrics, design and finished products has made it the front runner in home furnishings.

The Group is currently having TWO Brands catering to the elite and ultra-elite premium tastes.



The customer today is a world citizen preferring the latest in international design and finishes. To cater to the refined tastes and premium preference Group launched this ultra-premium product range Brand in the year 2018.



The Unique Brand created for Readymade Curtains and Cushions with superior finish; primarily targeted at upscale and other customers neatly presented in attractive packing. The brand has brought attractive designs in vibrant colors to the complete satisfaction of its customers.

Management Team


  • The Chairman Emeritus & Mentor


A dreamer and an entrepreneur ahead of his time who laid the foundation based on three simple but valued principles – Honesty, Transparency & Integrity.

Though the baton of the legacy has been seamlessly carried forward He continues to mentor the Promoters.


  • director


The dynamic face of the Group, He is known for strategic planning, financial acumen & relationship building. An astute businessman with a knack of taking right decisions at opportune time and timely execution of the same has led to Him being known as the Financial and Business Strategist of the Group.

A born designer and a passionate innovator, he plays an active role in developing new products.


  • director


The Women Entrepreneur; Creative Design Head who is confident, innovative and a contributor to the success story of the Company. She brings with Her the formal qualifications in designing and execution. With more than 15 years of experience with the creative team of the Group she has carved a niche for Herself in understanding the latest trends and tastes of its customers.

Our Infrastructure

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